Welcome to GraphSense! The free software for generating graphs on the fly in Google Adsense with Firefox.

Update! 2008-01-30 we released a fix that updates Graphsense to 1.1. Get it here.

Since 2007-08-16 8830 people have tried GraphSense. Click here to install it in Firefox.

What is it?

this is how GraphSense looks at the Google Adsense page. Click for more screenshots!This is how Graphsense appears when you have the installed plugin

You have found the webpage of GraphSense. This is a software that uses Firefox (and Greasemonkey) to insert graphs showing your Adsense performance on the fly on Google Adsense. If you are curious you can download the software or check out the screenshots.

The entire idea is that instead of downloading reports to excel you can view preformatted charts directly on the web without any effort. And the best part? It is 100% free!

Right now there are three types of graphs that can be generated, lines, pies and bar / columns. All of these types supports charts that show impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM, CPC and earnings broken down over different timespans. Do you need a new one? Please dont hesitate to contact us and we'll look into it!

A line graph Line graph
A pie graphPie chart
A bar graphBar/column graph


To install GraphSense you need Firefox. You can choose if you want to use the Greasemonkey userscript or the Firefox extension (recommended). Read more on the download-page!

Demo files for the graphs

If you're in a hurry or doesnt have a Adsense account you can click one of these links to load a pre set-up file with fake statistics: By date, By channel or both

Upload your own report

Download a report from Adsense and upload it here to try GraphSense out!

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